Good day! I’m honoured to be here, and able to share with you all my family’s success story – The story of Adnan Yusuf, my miraculous son. Please note #longpostalert
I’m Mrs Fatimah Yusuf. A paramedic graduate studied health information management at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. I’m a full-time mum of 2, and also deals in sales of apparels, especially women fashion turbans.

Mrs. Fatimah Yusuf, warrior’s mother

My success story is long but will try as much as I can to summarize it. We welcomed ADNAN, our Prince Charming, to our world on the 24th of March, 2019 with all the love and affection every expectant couple would have but then ours is a bit different because my son is the first grandson in my husband’s family. My husband is the last born, so you can just imagine the happiness in our hearts. Adnan is our second born. He has an elder sister. Everything was fine. His sister, Aneesah, became so glad to have a playmate.

At about 3/4months after Adnan was born, I observed that he couldn’t sit. Then I became worried. I didn’t keep quiet though. I went to the general hospital closest to my area of residence. Nothing was discovered. It went on and on till he was 9months. Did I remember to mention that I was one of the Npower volunteers (Nhealth)? I was working in one of the PHCs. I couldn’t go to work as I should because of the troubles, his feeding and of course the incessant cry all day. On this fateful day, I took him to my boss to explain why I haven’t been coming to work regularly lately. My boss happens to be a medical doctor. She’s also the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) of the jurisdiction under the LCDA. She noticed the bluish discolouration of his lips, fingers and toes. Baffled! Then she asked, “what happened to him?” I naively said that’s how it is anytime he cries. She replied “No no no! It’s an abnormality.” Then she told me that I would have to revisit the general hospital again to see a consultant this time. That was the beginning of our solution. I said solution because I believe once a problem has been identified then proffering a solution comes at ease.

I met with the consultant. Upon her diagnosis, she told me that the only solution she knows is corrective heart surgery. I broke down in tears. Immediately, I called my husband to break the sad news to him too and also asked him to come and see the doctor. I was so disturbed and definitely would not be able to drive home. Therefore, He left his office and came to meet us at the hospital. We felt so unhappy but as a man, he was brave enough to hold the pain. We were referred to either LASUTH/LUTH but we decided to opt for LASUTH because it’s closer to our place of residence.

On reaching LASUTH with our referral letter, we were told to take him for echo and ECG tests. The Medical Director of the hospital that we were referred to happens to be the medical consultant at the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at LASUTH. After the test was carried out, she revealed to us that Adnan was battling with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), that he has four holes in is heart, and that his oxygen level was very low. Hence, oxygen was required to be set up for him urgently. It was already late in the night. The doctor called LASUTH to inform them about Adnan’s case as an emergency and that a bed space with oxygen should be set up immediately for him.
As if that 4holes news wasn’t bad enough, oxygen again?! I felt like passing out.

Hmm…We got to LASUTH that night, wondering what will happen to my son. God, the great doctor of all doctors had stabilized Adnan miraculously. Hence, the need for oxygen wasn’t required any more that night and in fact, throughout our stay in the hospital because he was admitted that night 19th December 2019 and we spent more than a week. Throughout the Christmas festivity, I and his dad were with him while on admission to the hospital, LASUTH. They ran several tests, had platelets transfusion along the line. To God be the glory, he was discharged on 28th December 2019. He was placed on drugs (Propanolol ) and we were taught how to manage him till we would be ready for his surgery. We tried as much as we could. However, the case became worsen at some stage that at times when he cried, his breath would seize, and would be fighting for air.

As I was saying, getting back home after all was a blessing. While on admission, some children ended up giving up the ghost and we are grateful to God for keeping ours. We began inquiries about the likely cost of the surgery at various proficient hospitals in India. All expenses required would worth 5million naira. 5 whaaaat?! Even 5thousand naira was huge as at the period because more than enough had already been expended before the discovery of the illness and during his admission at the hospital and consequently crippled our financial capability during the period. Well, we hope in God.

Fortunately, the Rotary club in India ran a programme to help children with similar heart complications. We got a form and filled immediately. Luckily, a district president of the club in my residential jurisdiction lives on a nearby street to ours. We were assured that Adnan would definitely benefit from the program. We were told that our flight to India and accommodation during the period will be our sole responsibility but expenses strictly relating to the surgery will be taken care of by the club. We were happy that at least the fund required by us has been reduced. We began the process for his travel documents. Unfortunately, while preparing to visit the embassy to apply for visa then the pandemic set in. Visa issuance was suspended. Indian international airports were temporarily shut. Actually, it was a blessing in disguise because if we had left earlier, we could have been stuck in India because operations at the Nigerian international airport were suspended.

While his condition worsened, we had to call his doctor at LASUTH, Dr Lamina. At that moment, she told us about the competency and various success stories about Babcock Tristate located at Ilisha Remo in Ogun state and advised that we should visit the hospital. She gave my husband the contact of Dr Michael Sanusi. We contacted Dr Sanusi and visited the clinic for further test and inquiries. We got a bill of N3.2m. Well, we were back to square one because Rotary club would not have the capacity to help in that aspect as at that moment because their activities were already occupied by the COVID 19 pandemic. Yet, we did not rest and believed our problem would be resolved soon.

Miraculously, within a very reasonable period, we got the fund and went for the surgery at the Babcock Tristate. My husband and I were so surprised by the way the staffs of the hospital related to us. We have never seen medical doctors and nurses so simple-minded and compassionate. We were being treated like the royals. They gave us listening ears even at points of pressure. Adnan had his surgery on 30th June, 2019 and it was a success. Our hearts were filled with joy. In fact, we are very grateful to God for giving us a birthday gift. Every 3rd of July is my husband’s birthday so I’m sure you know what that means to us.

We are indeed very grateful and will forever remain appreciative to God for his mercy upon our family.
Thank you and God bless us all.

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