A Specialized Cardiac Team is a group of qualified healthcare professionals who collaborate to determine the best treatment plan for each individual patient with cardiac conditions including Congenital Heart Diseases known as hole in the heart. No one is more important or less important than the other, it’s the teamwork that makes surgery a success.


Cardiac services unit comprises around 30 specialists who combine their expertise as a multidisciplinary team, to provide a comprehensive and unique package of care for every patient.

Specialists include Cardiologists who can be an adult or Paediatric cardiologist (a doctor trained and expert when it comes to heart health), Cardiac surgeon (he performs operation/surgery on the human heart with other surgeon or assistants) Cardiac Nurses (Nurses who specialize in the care of patients with various heart conditions and can work in any unit of a cardiac hospital e.g OR, CVICU, HIDU) Interventional Cardiologist ( a cardiologist who is specially trained to carry out  procedures in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab) Radiologists, Perfusionist (one who operates the heart and lung machine while patient’s heart is being operated) Anesthetist (A Nurse or doctor who puts patient to sleep and monitors them and ensures they feel no pain while in surgery) Respiratory therapist (a person who specializes in the lungs care especially after Open Heart Surgery) Coronary experts who fix blockages in the heart’s arteries, experts in structural heart disease, pioneering electrophysiology team, Cardiac Sonographer (does echocardiography for patients pre and post-operation to see what is happening in the hearts chamber)

Cardiac consultants may work closely with colleagues outside of cardiac services, including:

To summarize, a cardiac team comprising of healthcare professionals across a multiple of disciplines increases the chances of a better outcome for patients with Congenital Heart Disease.

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